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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Glenn McGrath hints that he may not play in IPL 2010

Glenn McGrathThis year's IPL was prone to this one sight that was unfathomable for the player in question whilst he was still active in international cricket. Former Australian bowler and one of the true all-time-greats of the game, Glenn McGrath was consistently seen to be cooling his heels on the sidelines as his team, the Delhi Daredevils opted to not play him. Not that his side did not play a single overseas paceman as his fellow Australian mate, Dirk Nannes was preferred over McGrath to lead the attack. Pigeon, as McGrath is nicknamed, in his various interviews has often stated, like a true team man, that he's fine with whatever the team thinks is the right composition.

But in a newspaper column on the eve of his team's semi-final clash against the Deccan Chargers, he did give a glimpse of how hurt he was from within. Moreover, he went on to say that there was a chance that he may choose to not participate in next year's IPL. The 124-Test veteran also said that he was privy to a theory going around that he may have been benched as the team management had doubts over his fitness. This has apparently hurt him even more as the professional that he's been over the years was not even given a single chance to prove his match-fitness. Though his contract to play for the season of 2010 as well, 'Pigeon' did hint that he may not be too keen to return.

In a separate story but one that has its links with McGrath's tale stated above, coach of the Delhi Daredevils, Greg Shipperd has joined the chorus of people who've been pitching in for more foreigners to be included in a playing XI. Earlier, John Buchanan too had stated that he'd want to have more number of overseas players in his side. The IPL on previous occasions have quite categorically stated that this demand would not be adhered to and Stephen Fleming, coach of the Chennai Super Kings also seemed to go along with the rulings of the IPL governing council. In their opinion, it's the 'Indian' Premier League after all and its only fair that more number of Indian players benefit from the experience of playing in front of such a big stage.